Dev Manager Coaching

Career growth doesn’t stop when you’re a manager. It’s more important now than ever to become the best you can be. But when it comes to manager training, do you find yourself wondering:

  • How does this training apply to me as a Dev Manager?
  • This seems old and out of date - when was this last updated?
  • I have questions. Can I talk to someone who has been down this road already?

Most Dev Managers aren't fully lost. They handle their team OK and their bosses are reasonably content with them. But, something is missing. How do they get to the next level?

Imagine If You Had Someone on Your Side

You're faced with a tough question. Luckily, you have somebody who you can ask to get some insight. Also, you’re happy to see your career is progressing and you are growing professionally.

You have a trusted confident in your corner watching out for you. He wants you to succeed. You know he'll stop you from making silly mistakes. Finally, Dev Manager life doesn't seem so scary.

Get One on One Dev Manager Coaching

As a programmer, I loved being able to bounce my ideas off another colleague. Being forced to explain my choices helped me refine them and really understand why I was making them. More experienced team members always found a way to teach me something. As a Dev Manager, you deserve that same thing.

As your Dev Manager coach, I can help. I’ve worked with many different situations and Dev Managers:

  • One manager was running a skunkworks division. We focused on showing the profitability and viability of his projects.
  • An engineering manager had a number of developers who he thought weren’t motivated. We dug in and figured out why and changed things around.
  • A development director wasn’t sure how she could implement more processes in her team because the team and duties were ‘special.’ Our end result was a predictable, measurable and stable process that still honored the uniqueness of the team.

Here’s How it Works

As a Dev Manager, you’re already busy and overworked, so I aim to be flexible. However, there are a couple things we need to start with for you to get the most value from our coaching sessions.

We begin with a kick-off meeting over video. I want to know more about you and your company, and specific areas you know need improvement. During this call, we’ll plan our coaching, accountability and strategy session path moving forward. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or some other arrangement, we’ll set up a video-based check-in schedule.

Coaching sessions run 3 months for a total of $5,000. To get started, you’ll click the signup link, schedule your kick off call, and get the option to pay via credit card.

Pro tip: expense this coaching!

You’re investing in your future, but your company will reap immediate rewards. If you need any other receipts or supporting information, please let me know and I’ll provide it for you as soon as possible.

After our kick off meeting, we’ll work through our strategy and follow the path we created. We’ll both have homework, but I won’t drown you. I’m focused on giving you the most targeted tools for your situation.

My goal is to equip you to be more successful and move on without me. After 3 months, we’ll evaluate our progress and I’ll give some parting thoughts. While some students may opt to continue the engagement, most are ready to move on.

We will still keep in touch, though. I want to hear about all the good things that are happening for you!

Get Started

Dev Manager coaching will make a huge difference. Why wait any longer?

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You'll get the option to pick a time that works for you. To complete your booking, you'll be prompted to pay the $5,000 for your 3 months of coaching via credit card.


When finding someone that has a deep technical background, as well as leadership and soft skills, look no further than Aaron. I benefited greatly by having him as a mentor as I started my dev management career. I find myself lucky to have worked with him and would recommend him to anyone. His feedback is invaluable; honest and to the point.

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Kerry Czubko

VP of Product Development

Still Have Questions?

How is this coaching different than management/HR training?

Wow! That sounds like such a self-serving question. But the truth is, the distinction is super important. You can learn a lot of very useful information from standard management training. In fact, I suggest you take a course or two.

Coaching isn’t directly equivalent to training. These sessions are aimed at hands-on specific solutions for your problems. As a developer, we’ve all copied code, got it to work, and learned from it later. My coaching works in the same way. I’ll help you directly with issues and career growth. Afterwards, we’ll reflect and distill lessons from our solutions. My goal through coaching is to solve immediate needs while helping you learn. Training tends to focus just on the mechanics and theoretical.

What if I need help outside of our scheduled sessions?

The scheduled sessions are my way to make sure we both stay accountable during the coaching engagement. You’ll have a direct line of communication with me via email. There’s no limit or restrictions to when you can contact me. I’m 100% dedicated to your success. Sometimes that means sticking to a schedule, other times it means handling fires when they pop up.

How long is this going to take? I’m already busy.

When you’re overworked and burning the candle at both ends, the thought of adding something new sounds crazy. But, to be an effective Dev Manager, you don’t need to work crazy hours. Actually, effective leaders need to work less hours so they can recharge, understand, learn and lead.

Initially, adding coaching to your busy schedule might actually seem like extra work. That’s not the intention and this feeling will not be permanent. I aim to help you reduce your work load while becoming more effective. I know what it’s like to be running from fire to fire. This coaching will help you understand how to reduce your time sprinting from thing to thing so you can relax, lead and build yourself and others up.

What if I’m not happy with the coaching?

First thing’s first, we all need feedback. Let me know what we need to change to make it better. Everyone is different and everyone needs specific, individual coaching. Sometimes it takes a little while to find that flow. We can work through it; let’s figure it out.

If I can’t help you or we can’t resolve our differences, I will offer a refund.

Why Should I Get Coached by You?

I’ve been a programmer and/or a Dev Manager for the last two decades. I’ve survived the transition from programmer to Dev Manager many times learning a lot in the process. I’m proud to have spoken at more than 20 conferences, written multiple magazine columns, articles and books, and served on advisory boards. You can find out more if you’d like to check out my CV.

I’m passionate about sharing all of the things I’ve learned through my journey. I want you to become more successful while avoiding any of the mistakes I’ve made. Those I’ve mentored say my unique form of empathy makes working with me easy. I see a need to build up Dev Managers. It’s not fair when you find yourself in a new situation and you can’t be as successful as you were when you were a programmer. I’m excited to show you the way.

Level Up with One-on-One Coaching

What do baseball teams and Dev Managers have in common? They need a good coach to reach the next level. Take the next step and get your coach.

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You'll get the option to pick a time that works for you. To complete your booking, you'll be prompted to pay the $5,000 for your 3 months of coaching via credit card.