Why is Managing Developers So Hard?

Managing developers is hard. You say one thing, they do another. You always seem to be behind schedule. And you find yourself asking these questions repeatedly:

  • Why do my developers not respect me?
  • How can we hit these unrealistic goals, especially if I don't have time to code?
  • How do I mentor and grow a developer who’s smarter than me?

When I first became a manager, I knew I had more to learn. I spent more than a decade learning to code, how could I immediately be good at this new skill? I needed help!

Imagine a Great Day as Dev Manager

The end of the work day comes and you sign off, feeling happy and fulfilled. You’ve made an impact. Your direction was heeded and your team is successful. You’re the Dev Manager that your team deserves.

You can barely remember what it was like before. You know you're doing the right things and work is finally fun again.

Get the Dev Manager Crash Course

Whether this is your first time being promoted to manager, or you’ve struggled a few times, the Dev Manager Crash Course can help. These free lessons will help you build the foundation of effective management of a technical team. Why read these?

  • I’ve lived the programmer-to-manager track multiple times successfully
  • I routinely speak with my former employees and continue to mentor them
  • I've spent hundreds of hours researching and learning, and translating from boring HR to what technical leaders need

Here's What You Get

This course focuses on small building blocks to build your Dev Manager base:

  • 3 Important Management Books to Read This Quarter:
    These important books have changed my perception of being a manager of developers and made me a stronger leader.
  • 3 Tough Conversations With Stakeholders and Senior Management:
    It’s not just promoting or defending yourself anymore. Let's prepare for the new, tougher conversations you'll have on behalf of your team.
  • 3 Types of Developers and How to Manage Them:
    The Hero, The Martyr and the Insubordinate. You will learn the why and how of managing them.

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Aaron Saray has this incredible ability to recognize where people are in their skillsets, meeting them on their level, and building them up from there. He lets his employees set their own pace and helps develop them into the best they can be.

Avatar of Karol Brennan

Karol Brennan

Front End Developer

Aaron has a great way of being direct and telling you what you really need to hear, but without making you feel bad about it. He gets right to the heart of the matter, helping you focus on what's important. Best of all, he leads by example and practices the same things he expects of others.

Avatar of Joel Clermont

Joel Clermont

Owner, No Compromises LLC

Aaron establishes great rapport and respect with the developers he manages. He combines a wealth of experience and wisdom with a healthy dose of pragmatism in order to draw out the best in individuals and teams. His ability to educate and relate subject matter to his developers and peers is a catalyst for turning thoughts into action, which makes him an invaluable leader of any team.

Avatar of Jonathan Lowsley

Jonathan Lowsley

Vice President of Systems Engineering

Still Have Questions?

How do the lessons work?

It's pretty simple. Every couple days, you'll get a new email covering one of the topics I mentioned above. I'll dig into the hows and whys. You'll get a better understanding of the solutions for each problem by the end.

I'm busy, how long will this take?

These lessons will only take a few minutes each to read. What you do with them after is your choice. I would suggest putting aside 15 minutes for each one. The time investment will be worth it in the long run.

But, my situation is different!

You're right! Each situation is different and unique. Dev Manager means different things to different organizations. For some, it's a glorified team-lead who still codes. With others, you spend tons of time in an issue tracker and generate reports. Regardless of your situation, there are some core fundamentals that that will make the job easier and build your strengths. This course won't give you a step-by-step, play-by-play solution for everything. But, it will help you understand how to craft your own strategy more effectively and with greater impact.

Why Should I Trust You?

Hello! I realized we may not have been introduced yet. My name is Aaron Saray and I’ve been a programmer and Dev Manager for almost two decades. I’ve spoken at more than 20 conferences, written multiple magazine columns and articles, authored a Wiley technical book, managed teams of 2 to 20, and have served on the WCTC Communications Advisory Board.

As a programmer, I was repeatedly promoted to Dev Manager or Director. I had spent years building my technical knowledge, but I realized that didn’t translate to management. So, I spent years fixing this problem: I went back to school, got more education, and researched how to be a better manager.

I’m passionate about sharing all of the things I’ve learned through study, research, and trial and error. I don’t want you to have to experience the pain I did. Being a Dev Manager is hard, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Make Yourself Better and Make a Difference

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